Working at Farm Urban has been really intense so far, but in a good way don’t worry. With this sunny spring, and summer on the way, the team has been truly busy. We’ve been preparing for the arrival of the new interns, and also to get ready for many events that I have to keep secret at the moment but which promise to be very encouraging for the future of Farm Urban and communities.

To give you an overview, we have been running several workshops with primary school pupils at St Luke School in Formby, along with the regular enrichment sessions at the Liverpool Life Sciences UTC. We also had to take care of our lovely fish at our different urban farming sites.

Ness Botanic Gardens is one of the numerous places where Farm Urban has set up an aquaponic system. The gardens are part of the University of Liverpool. The UTC students, as part of their enrichment classes, helped to build the aquaponic system there. Ness Gardens wanted to make their conservatory a bit different and more innovative than any other so they started working together with Farm Urban, and I think it’s an exciting partnership. People who come to visit the impressive 64 acre garden have access to the beautiful greenhouse, where they can admire our fish and plants growing.

The greenhouse is surrounded by amazing banana trees. As it is warm and humid in there during the day it is just the perfect environment for fish and plants to grow. At the centre of the conservatory a big wooden tank contains lovely colourful fish. Every week, Laurence, our PhD researcher, and I visit our fish and reap the rewards of their work: tasty chard! – Last week we harvested so many vegetables that we were not even able to bring all of it back to Liverpool . We decided to give some of it to the chefs in the Cafe, to cook some tasty fresh dishes.

Out and About at Ness Gardens
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